the Situational Intelligence Platform for the Industrial Internet

Digest. Interpret. Understand. Report.

Delivers an easy-to-use, concise narrative.

Built for industrial use.

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Industrial users are jugglers, gatekeepers, problem-solvers, and most importantly, customer advocates.

They need a solution that makes their lives easier by shaving the time it takes to detect, validate, and provide real answers to customers issues.

The Problem

Too many false positives from current systems.
Investigating service-level issues takes a long time.
Millions of data points to review with limited experts.
Complex problems can cause confusion among different teams without a proper structure.

Our Solution

NarrativeWave is building a situational intelligence platform that ingests data, interprets it and creates a role based narrative in minutes.


Our platform connects to your infrastructure and integrates into your current processes.


Our solution automates and records your engineer's knowledge. Your engineers now have a way to use their expertise to improve the system over time.


Our rules based engine analyzes data streams, identifies the root cause of incidents, and extracts the most critical information.


The results are populated into an automated report using our natural language generation (NLG) engine. Our technology is solving real time alarm incidents on large assets and providing customers proactive reports.


Every report is seamlessly exported into your format of choice that will allow you to share with your customers, immediately & conveniently.

The Value

NarrativeWave is automating a workflow process that is solved in minutes. Manufacturers now have a solution to improve SLAs, increase the value of service contracts, and impact customer retention.

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