Advanced Monitoring

In today’s competitive markets, reactive and manual monitoring can no longer keep up.

Many operators have deployed standard monitoring solutions with dashboards full of red alerts, creating lots of follow up work for engineers.  They are primarily reacting to events on their assets, and not being proactive, prioritizing actions, and optimizing operations.  

NarrativeWave’s powerful self-service solution makes it easy for organizations to implement advanced monitoring using analytics.

What if you could:

  • Intuitively know your highest priority.
  • Detect hidden anomalies.
  • Predict failures.
  • Take action proactively.
  • Create dashboards to display critical events on your assets.

Standard vs. Advanced Monitoring

Using NarrativeWave, you can predict failures , autosuggest corrective actions based on previous actions, prioritize activities - and improve engineering and asset efficiency.
- Lots of alerts.
- What does it mean?
- Assign it priority.
- Determine next steps.
Advanced Analytics
- Confirm true positive
- What does it mean?
- Does it matter?
- Assign it priority
- Suggest corrective actions
- Solve valuable problems
- Build and improve analytics
- Actionable outcomes
- Corrective actions
- Monthly reporting

How it Works: Self-Service in Action

We make it easy for you to combine the power of advanced analytics with your engineering knowledge to go beyond monitoring - improving asset performance and engineering productivity.

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