Control Center Automation

Control Centers have become the dumping ground for alerts.

Operators spend a significant amount of time watching screens and making routine decisions based on alerts, without deeper insights into priorities, or the effect of their actions.  Imagine if instead of monitoring and routinely reacting to alerts, you could:

  • Standardize responses to faults using automated decisions (Ex. “OK to Reset”).
  • Prioritize alert response based on production value, weather, energy prices etc.
  • Eliminate shift turnover problems
  • Dramatically improve productivity
  • Have a Fleet wide view of Insights in addition to Alerts.

Control Center Analytics provide valuable insights, like:

  • Which alerts are happening most frequently?
  • Which OEM / Models are experiencing the most downtime?
  • Are recurring faults causing lost uptime without solving the root cause?
  • Are weather issues affecting assets?
  • Which sites are doing the best / worst?
NarrativeWave’s powerful Event engine, Decision Trees, and Analytic Engine combine to give you the most powerful control center available.

How it Works: Self-Service in Action

We make it easy for you to combine the power of advanced analytics with your engineering knowledge to go beyond monitoring - improving asset performance and engineering productivity.

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