Automated Reporting

Free your engineers to focus on value, not reporting.

Instead of spending significant time chasing results from the prior month, summarizing performance and production, why not free up engineers’ time.

Using an open and automated solution, you can automate monthly reporting using your data. Instead of wasting valuable time analyzing fleet performance, establish one single source of truth for fleet and site level information.

With NarrativeWave you can:

  • Automate Monthly reporting using powerful analytics, and KPIs you control
  • Create Dashboards that can be shared with third parties
  • Allow third parties to see their sites, make charts, download their own data
Our flexible dashboards are easy to create, use, and configure.  Get started easily, connect with your data, and start using automated reports.

How it Works: Self-Service in Action

We make it easy for you to combine the power of advanced analytics with your engineering knowledge to go beyond monitoring - improving asset performance and engineering productivity.

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