Advanced Analytics

The world of data science and advanced analytics allows operators to dramatically improve operations, uncover hidden anomalies, and be proactive.

With NarrativeWave you can easily leverage the world of Data Science on your fleet to automatically:

  • Predict Failures
  • Detect Anomalies
  • Quantify performance losses
  • Forecast outputs
  • Determine causes

We’ve made it easy.

We created a library of over 100 pre-built Analytic building blocks, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, so you can elevate your analytics without needing to know the world of data science. Easily deploy advanced analytics such as Decision Tree Regressors or Neural Networks to solve problems.

Looking to dive deeper?

You can always open our integrated Python editor, import your pre-existing code, or create your own analytics.  This makes our system completely open and extensible, letting you use common libraries such as Scikit learn, and any others you need.

How it Works: Self-Service in Action

We make it easy for you to combine the power of advanced analytics with your engineering knowledge to go beyond monitoring - improving asset performance and engineering productivity.

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