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NarrativeWave was fortunate to be invited to participate and present this week at the Big Data Expo in Guiyang, China on China-American Collaboration, NarrativeWave & China, and the advent of Human + Machines. All 3 presentations will be given by our CEO, Benjamin Decio.

This post is part 1 of a 3-part series discussing and sharing Benjamin’s experience presenting on China-America Collaboration on Big Data.

Gui’an and the Gui’an New Area is located in the core district of the Guizhou Province’s central economic zone. It is beautiful and lush, “looking similar to Avatar,” says Mr. Decio. Gui’an is a unique example of how the government and industry can partner to truly impact a local economy with a global reach.

Beyond it’s beauty and focus on maintaining the natural ecology, Gui’an has made significant investments to become the Big Data Hub in China.

Gui’an’s Industry investment into Big Data now totals approximately $3.8 billion, with a 83% year-on-year growth.

The results? Impressive collaboration between the government and industry that benefits both Chinese companies and entrepreneurs, as well as partnerships with international companies. They are in the process of conducting construction projects with China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile for data centers, and a Huawei global data center project. In addition, there is a significant operational presence of Foxconn (maker of iPhone, iPads, etc.), QualcommTellHow and China Power, among others.

Gui’an aims to become China’s first Big Data business center and a national green data center.

Gui’an New Area expects to grow their server capacity to 300,000 servers this year.

What does this mean for Big Data & IoT companies like NarrativeWave?

Partnership opportunities in China and globally.Joint ventures that benefit both Chinese and American business interests.New joint incubation models both at the corporate and university levels.

Mr. Decio has enjoyed the educational experience thus far and is thankful for the sponsorship by TellHow, who design, builds, and provides intelligent power equipment globally.

Here is a glimpse of Mr. Benjamin Decio’s first day at the Big Data Expo in Gui’an, where his presentation on China-America Collaboration was well received, education occurred for all attendees, and the potential for new partnerships began.

Peter Wei, Advisory Board NarrativeWave, Qui Jun, General Manager TellHow, Benjamin Decio, CEO NarrativeWave
Peter Wei, Advisory Board NarrativeWave, Benjamin Deco, CEO NarrativeWave
Benjamin Decio presenting at the Forum on China-America Collaboration on Big Data
The executives at the Forum
Mr. Decio being interviewed by the press
Big Data Expo 2017 Opening Ceremony

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