Coffee with NarrativeWave: Meet Jeremy Law from Longroad Energy [Video Series]

Welcome to Coffee with NarrativeWave, a video series where we sit down with energy leaders, have a cup of coffee and talk about the future. Everything from what keeps them up at night, to what excites them about the future of energy - we cover it.
"Longroad is always looking for ways to leverage data and increase the value of our wind, solar, and storage assets. Through our partnership with NarrativeWave we are identifying sources of lost energy in the automated and efficient process so that our teams can take corrective action."

In our first episode, we have a cup of coffee with Jeremy Law, VP of Commercial Management at Longroad Energy, a NarrativeWave client since 2021.

We discuss leadership, the incredible growth of renewable energy (and what it means for operators), and how they manage a 4GW portfolio of wind, solar, and soon, battery storage.

Grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy.

Ready to join the conversation? Let us know what you'd like us to ask on our next episode.

Benjamin Decio
Benjamin Decio