Darcy Webinar: How Operators can Leverage AI for Unstructured Data

As AI and Unstructured Data are top of mind in most industries today, we thought it was pertinent to share an interesting webinar that was held recently with Darcy Partners and our client, Denbury.

Why is this relevant today?

What you may learn

In this webinar, Denbury also highlights and demos how they use NarrativeWave to solve for:


“Try to unlock the ability and the ease at which people can access that (unstructured) information."

"And the unstructured data is accessible, years of data, and we can pass it along to NarrativeWave and their skillset to do the analytics."

"We can spend an hour or 2 to provide our use case and NarrativeWave can dig into it see if there something worth moving forward to automate those daily uploads."
- Jonathan James, Manager of Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies, Denbury

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Benjamin Decio
Benjamin Decio